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Steak, Bourbon & Sports

Sep 24, 2020

Steak Bourbon and Sports Ep. 30

Sexy Whiskey

Jeremy Mandel (@jeremymandel) and Ari Temkin (@arisports) on the state of football during COVID-19, is there a home field advantage at all, and the why are we still recognizing this whiskey ranking? 

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Ari Temkin: "How well can you know a team by not being there?"

When Ari Temkin lived in San Antonio he covered the San Antonio Spurs, and the year his son was born he did not go to any games. Watching from home not physically being at the games made Ari realize it is more difficult to cover the Spurs and games when you cannot see interactions between players and other players, and interactions between players and coaches.


Ari Temkin does not believe that out of the 14,000 COVID tests performed on the 2,438 NFL players, not a single one came back positive. 


Jeremy Mandel: "Who are the real Dallas Cowboys? The first half Cowboys or the second half Cowboys.


Ari Temkin: "I reserve judgement for the first 2 games"

Ari believes that most teams who start out 2-0 are fraudulent teams and wont necessarily make the playoffs, and that although some teams who start the NFL season with a 0-2 record are bad teams, some of them will still make the playoffs. You have to wait until week 4 to make judgements.


The really interesting thing is what is home team advantage? Most NFL stadiums don not allow fans into them this season, so the home teams do not have them for their advantage. That being said the visiting team does still have to travel and stay at hotels etc.


In the case of big universities, you cannot prevent tens of thousands of 18-22 year olds to stay in their dorms and not go out and party. Obviously in these cases there will be COVID outbreaks.


Nobody is going to play ten games this year. There will be uneven schedules everywhere including the Big 10.


Jeremy Mandel introduces his new game called "Is this sexist?"


Jim Murray is a well known whiskey reviewer who puts out a book every year called "The Whiskey Bible" that rates and reviews different whiskeys. This year it has come up that some of the reviews may be considered sexist and offensive, especially because there is a growing amount of women in the whiskey industry.


Jeremy Mandel: "Here is this older man being creepy, and then telling us after he has had a lot to drink what his favorite thing was"


Because of all the commotion and controversy the whiskey bible, Beam Suntory, the company who makes this years winner, essentially said we appreciate that you enjoyed our product, but wish you weren't so creepy.


Jeremy Mandel is currently drinking a whiskey called Doc Swinson's 15 year old. He says that the whiskey is good, and manages to make the comparisons non sexual.


Ari Temkin: "Have you ever considered whiskey a sexual Experience?"

Ari believes that the whiskey being reviewed this way could be sexist, but it's really just creepy and weird.


This guy has been doing this for so long that nobody will tell him it is a bad idea. It is an old white guy making money, allowed to do creepy reviews because of advertisements.


Jeremy Mandel: "The lesson here is stop paying attention to Jim Murray."

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